Wanting to have "et al" citations show just one author not two

In my in line references I want any research with more than two authors to show just one and “et al”. I have gone into Endnote > Edit > Output Styles > Open Style Manager and edited “Annotated” with these changes. They are however not saving. Any tips?

Also, once I do save them. what do I need to do to have them apply to my Word Document?


I would be surprised if you were using “annotated” as your output style in a word document. that gives a very long listing in the bibliography. Hence changing that output style would not necessarily affect your citation.

You need to edit the “citation” template author listing in the output style that is being used in the document. Then save AS to a new name – and then switch to the newly named output style in the word document’s endnote tab on the word ribbon. – changing the output style in endnote program doesn’t affect a document.

Thank you so much!

I really appreciate it.