How to manage which library is synced?

I currently have a library “A” synced with my online account. Now I have created a new library “B” that I want to sync in stead of “A” - how/where can I change which library is synced?


As a user, it is my recommendation that you first back up your desktop libraries.  

and then call tech support to walk thru the remapping/resyncing of an alternative library.  

There are instructions out there, but they may change slightly over time, so getting it from the “horses mouth” is probably the best approach.  In fact, if you read any of the knowledgebase articles, they always say if you sync, to contact tech support ( before following any instructions which relate to changes to the library name or location.  

see here for one discussion with some steps: 

but if you try it, remember you are starting from scratch (which can take some time and in my case, timed out several times and I needed to resyn multiple times before it was complete), and back up your desktop libraries!  

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