How to keep everything from ending up in the unfiled folder

If I am researching a topic using the EndNote search function (pubmed), how do I keep every single thing I search for from ending up in the unfiled folder? It really makes using the search within Endnote unusable for me. I will wind up with tens of thousands of articles in the unfiled within a matter of hours. Then it becomes impossible to browse through my other references because the “All References” contains all of the unfiled stuff as well. So now I have my two hundred or so articles that I have accumulated to use for research among 10,000 articles I care nothing about.

What I would like it to do, is just keep things for the current search in the unfiled until I search again for something else.

You can select the “Online Search Mode” display mode setting (see attached image; note that the availability of this option depends on the EndNote software version). Using this setting will download references into a temporay library instead of the “main” (All References) library. Note: These references will be permanently discarded if you change the display mode so transfer any “keeper” references to a regular library.

Also as an alternative to changing the display mode you could just create an EndNote library (e.g., “PubMed Downloads”) and use that for conducting ad hoc searches and downloads. Then copy references to a “main” library.

 For more info, go to the EndNote toolbar, click “Help” and search fo “Online Search Mode”.