how to put apostrophe s ('s) after author's name

Hi all~

I have been struggling with  a very simple function but I am not sure whether there is a solution for it.

My problem is I want to put apostrophe s after an author’s name, for example, Green’s (2003) theory, how can I

do this? I tried many time by just putting 's after the name but it didn’t work after all. Should I just write without

EndNote reference system? or is there a function to put 's after author’s name???

I really hope to hear from you.

Thank you in advance.

You can edit the original citation (Green, 2003) to “Exclude Author” which “hides” the author and displays just the year (2003). Then you can type-in Green’s in front of the year (2003).

wow! thanks a lot!! I’ve spent a lot of time to solve this simple… but challenging to me … question.

I really appreciate it!!

Have a great day! I think I will, thanks to you~

Thanks Gecko , you solved, which was a serious issue to me