How to reference a photograph from a book with APA 6th


I am trying to reference a photograph from a book correctly for APA 6th. Endnote is not helping as it has no drop down category for a photograph only an artwork or figure which doesn’t work because it does not allow me to do what APA 6th needs me to do. I’ve already used the generic template for another issue in my thesis so can’t create one from scratch with that.

I need the reference to look like this in-text

Howard, B. (1968) - easy

but like this in the reference list

Howard, B. (1968). The intimacy of tram travel [Photograph]. Adelaide, SA: Rigby Limited.

or this

Howard, B. (1968). The intimacy of tram travel [Photograph]. In J. Larkins & B. Howard (Eds.), Romance of Australian

Trams (p. 40). Adelaide, SA: Rigby Limited.

I simply cannot find a way to make it work. I’m using the Endnote add on for Word 2016 and Endnote version X8.

Thanks for any help


You shouldn’t “use” generic to fix any specific problem, you should create a new Ref Type to handle your specific needs for a ref type like Photograph. 

To learn about creating or modifying Ref Types (about page 11) See []( Body s)   

or you could check out

Then apply that Ref Type to your record, and ensure you create a Bibliography Template for that ref type in your output style.  If you don’t use artwork or maybe film, for another record, you might start with that, rename and modify the field names to make sense.  You can use the text [Photograph] as a part of the title field, or adjust the output style template to introduce that text to all photographs.  

Thank you.

Following the guides you attached I have now gone in and created a photograph template by copying and pasting from other reference types which I think might pull together a reference that looks like what I need. But after I save it and go into the list in my Endnote library to apply it to the photograph reference information the new template does not appear in the drop down choice list for reference types. I have tried saving the new template through insert field, made sure I have the right style selected and alos shutting down and re-freshing the End note page. Why isn’t it there? I’m obviously missing something.

Seems every time I solve one problem I run into another one that I don’t understand how to fix.

Please help.

Did all the steps? 

To create the ref type, you went into endnote preferences first to create and name the fields in the Endnote program. -  What did you start with?  one of those named “unused”?  or modified the Audiovisual or Film ones?  Then you gave it an appropriate name.  (by the way, this is only on the machine you do this on, if you use other computers/laptops, you will need to download and upload the ref type table to the other computers with  Endnote desktop programs.) 

Then you opened your preferred output style and created the bibliography template for that ref type which should appear in the drop-down  and remember to “save as” to a new name.  

Then you need to change the output style in your manuscript on the Word Endnote ribbon, to the newly named output style.

You also need to remember to change your photograph record to be that ref type in endnote.