Corrupted template?

I’m trying to enter a reference for a chapter in a book (using APA 6th). However, the citation does not include the correct punctuation (in fact, some of it is left out). Is there a way to determine if the template has been corrupted? Thanks.

First you can always download a new version of the template, but unless you have edited it, it is unlikely it has been corrupted.  You can also attach the template to your message here, and someone else can test it, if you did modify it and wanted to know if you need to do something to correct the error. 

but what reference type is the record you are tying to cite?  Is it a type that happens to not have a corresponding template in the bibliography in APA, and thus EndNote uses the “generic” template to format it?  If so, you will need to edit the template, add the correct ref type to the bibliography (or footnote) templates.  I find it easiest to copy the generic to the new template and then delete and adjust the punctuation to what is needed. Then save it, and use the preview in the library display or add it to a blank document to see if it is correct, and if not, to tweak it. 

Thanks, I had edited a template to cite a court ruling (citing legal matters using APA is a nightmare and there are no templates in EndNote for them).