Inserting a reference into a figure

Hi I’d like to know how I can insert a correct APA reference into a figure without having to fill out all fields. I have an image from an article in my references, and I want endnote to automatically insert a refernce into it.

The Endnote record should include all the information for the pertinent fields (e.g., Author Year, etc.) in order to generate the corresponding reference. Since you mention “Figure” do you mean to generate “caption” (not.reference) which would appear under the image? If so, suggest you forgo captioning in Endnote and instead use MS Word’s functionality to mark and generate captions for figures and tables. Using MS Word will enable generating List of Figures and List of Tables with correct pagination.

However, if you wish to stick with Endnote then: 1) create a new record using the “Figure” reference type; 2) copy and paste the image into the “Figure” field; 3) enter into the “Caption” field and save the record; 4) To insert the image and caption go to MS Word and in the Endnote section of the ribbon under Insert Citation click the pull down menu and select “figure” and in the pop-up dialog box enter part of the caption to enable searching and finding the image/record then click OK to insert. (If you need further help go to the Help section of the Endnote toolbar and search for “Figure”.)