How to remove access date from reference in bibliography in IEEE style?

Hi all, 

I’m currently using IEEE citation style to format references. For some citations, I do not know what the access date is. However, if left blank, the end of the reference in the bibliography shows "… URL (accessed. " I do not want the "(accessed. " part to appear because I don’t know what the access date is. How do I remove this from the bibliography? Simply deleting it doesn’t work, becuase as soon as the bibliography updates, it reppears. I’ve tried searching other threads for this issue but haven’t come across any. 

Thank you very much! 

Have you edited the IEEE output style? I downloaded it from the Endnote website (thru the Help: Endnote output styles option in the program and all the ref types with Access Dates have this 

|.*Accessed:*Access Date|

where the * is a “link adjacent” character rather than a space, and | (pipe) character should isolate the text and in combination should only show the word Accessed: when the field Acess Date has content.  The symbol before and after Accessed: are the ` character on a word keyboard above the tab below the ~ to prevent the possibility of that word being mis-interpreted as a field name.  

If you wanted to see (assessed: Access Date) you would have to edit the above to |accessed:*Access Date)| 

Once you make the change in one ref type, you can copy and paste it to replace the other ref type templates.