How to remove Endnote Web add-in from Word 2007?

Is there any way to remove or prevent the Endnote Web add-in from appearing in the Word 2007 toolbar? There was no opt out given during the installation of Endnote X4.

Thank you.

I think this FAQ should address this. 

Thank you Leanne.

I did what the FAQ suggested (including the greyed out bit). However, the add-in still appears in the Word 2007 toolbar. I cannot remove it even if I selectively disable the .dot and .dotm files pertaining to the Endnote Web startup.

Sorry, if that doesn’t work, I suggest you contact tech support (by phone if possible, which often gets a more immediate response).

Tech support gave me the same reply; hence my query to the forum.

I stumbled upon this solution. It seems that there should be no Endnote files in the Word 2007 startup folder for ver X4. Its only if one needs the Endnote Web toolbar that those entries are necessary.