How to remove quotations around the statute for parenthetical citation

The APA7 output for for exemption 45 CR 46.104 (d)(3 ) is (“Exempt research,” 2018) but should be (Exempt research, 2018). How do I remove the quotations around the statute?

I believe this is an APA specification (as defined in the style’s anonymous works setting).

see APA criteria in the second example – here

If you prefer to just have the title in the citation without the quotes, you should probably amend your style to use full title or short title in place of author – with the caveat that the publication may require you follow this APA rule (and there may be other ref type specific anonymous work rules that will now be ignored as well I guess, but can’t think of any).

Whenever I amend a endnote style, I give it a new name and use that newly named style to format the paper so I know I changed something specific for a specific reason. It will be saved to your local “user” endnote/styles folder – if you don’t rename it – (remove the word “copy” for example) you run the risk of endnote choosing the original style which is saved in the program folder, and not your personal modified style (as the same name exists in both places).