Unexpected formatting of in-text citations

I’m a new user of EndNote X9. I’m working with the British version of the Harvard citation style, under which most citations follow the template Author (2023), but laws should be cited as Name of Act 2023 (i.e. without brackets).

This works fine in the biography, where I have modified the template for Statute to:

Name of Act Year, Publisher, Country. |Enacted Date Enacted.

For in-text citations, I have the following templates:


In both cases 0 is actually the little circle symbol that I seem to be unable to type here.

When citing a statute in-text, the first template returns (Name of Act 2023), which is as desired. When using the second template for in-text citations, I get Name of Act 2023). I would like to get rid of the second bracket if possible.

Any suggestions on how this could be accomplished?

The little circle you see is a “space” inserted by endnote insert field, “link adjacent” which is sort of like a non-break space, but not exactly. and the | is a “forced separation” character.

“Name of Act” is in the “title” field. So you need to make a decision which depends on what you need most often. Endnote is limited to two citation templates and you aren’t able to have ref type specific options.

If you most times need
Author (Year)

and less often

Name of Act, Year
in the citation,

Then I would suggest the Citation templates for your endnote style look something like this


Maybe you have already discovered that if you leave the second one as Author Year and change the “Anonymous Works” setting to use full title (or short title) in place of the Author, – it will use the “title” in the citation.

and therefore when you cite the Statute (where Name of Act is recorded in the title field) you “edit citation” and choose "Display as: Citation- Author (Year).

I am assuming you don’t use grouped citations? If you do, you will need to enter them separately and add any additional punctuation to group them manually.