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I’m trying to cite a law from my country (Portugal), but on preview i saw a symbol that i want to remove:

Decreto Lei nº 27/07 de 30 de Julho § Diário da Républica : I série, Nº 145 (2007).

How can i delete this symbol (§) ou substitue by a dot (.) ?

Hope someone can help me

This presumably is in the output style you are using.  Can you attach that in a reply using the Attachments option at the bottom of the reply window ?  (Choose file)


Thank you for the fast repply. Attachment sent

Using APA 6th

This is a jpeg of the record itself.  Not the output style that is used to generate reference in the manuscript.  

You need to look at the manuscript and see which output style is being used to format the endnote citations/bibliography.  Then you need to find that file that will end in the .ens which may be in your “documents” folder in an endnote/styles location, or in the original program folder.  

Edit>Output Styles (click) and it should probably be at the top following the word Edit “filename” (without the .ens file type designation. 

If you click on that, you will have opened the style.  I downloaded the Bluebook-Law Review attached, which I can see is a footnote style, and has the § in it.  (see the capture.jpg attached). 

So you would change that to a full stop in the appropriate reference types (I see it in book, statute, stature- short form and generic. Don’t lose the pipes or little circles preceding the word Volume in the style.  (see the edited Bluebook file attached).  

so for example, in the book template – you start with this

Author, Title| Cited Pages| §*Volume| (|Series Editor*ed.^eds.|*Translator trans.|,*Publisher|*Edition ed|.*Year|)|.

and end with this:

Author, Title| Cited Pages|.*Volume| (|Series Editor*ed.^eds.|*Translator trans.|,*Publisher|*Edition ed|.*Year|)|.

(the * represents the “link adjacent” space inserted from the “insert field” drop-down.  and I added a few, to be sure random spaces or punctuation doen’t appear, if the field is empty in your record).

File>“Save as” to a new name.  

Then in your manuscript, you need to change to use this newly named output style on the word ribbon – you probably need to “select another style” the first time you go to use it, and find it in the list of styles.  
Bluebook-Law Review-replaced.ens (38.9 KB)

Just saw your APA 6th, – so that is a bibliography style, so the changes need to be made to the appropriate Bibliography templates, but it is the same idea.  

Thank you so mutch :smiley: