how to retain author's first name?

Two questions:

1.  In the Author’s field, I type:  Smith, David

It comes out as “Smith, D.” in the bibliography.  How can I have the first name shown?

2.  Also, some of the fields (e.g. “Type of Work”) are not shown in the bibliograophy, how can I have it shown?  I want to type something like “unpublished PhD thesis” in “Type of Work”.

btw, i’m using Endnote version 2.

Thank you!


Both issues may be solved by adjusting the output style’s “Author Name” and the bibliography “Templates” setting.

  1. To access the output style go to the EndNote toolbar, select EDIT, OUTPUT STYLES, EDIT (name of your style).

  2. In the output style’s dialog box, locate and click on “Author Name” in the left column (see image 1). Then change the setting from initials to: Full Name.

3 Next, in the output style’s dialog box, locate the Bibliography section then click on “Templates” (see image 2).  Locate the template that you would like to have “Type of Work” appear, then enter the phrase in the template. 

Exit the output style dialog box when completed. The changes will be saved to a new output file (e.g., Chicago 15th A Copy) so adjust both EndNote and MS Word to use the new output file.
Image 1_Modify Author Name.gif
Image 2_Modify Bibliography Template.gif

You’re amazing!  thank you so much!!!  :smileyvery-happy: