Author first name not showing

Hi everyone,

I am using Chicago 15thB style. I had it set perfectly and everything was formatting as appropriate, but I must have done something because things are all wonky-- every time I open EndNote, I find something else has changed in the output style settings. For example, today, I noticed that my authors’ first names are no longer showing in the citation.

It used to be set to show like this:

Cuddy, G.

Smith, H.

Now, it’s:



I went straight to the Edit > Output Styles> Edit Chicago 15thB > Citations > Author Name, and tried all the various settings. However, I still can’t get the first name initial to show. 


Any clue where else I may be going wrong? 


Silly me! Now I see the obvious mistake I made - I was editing citation instead of biblio output.

Back on track now… and feeling dim!