Bibliography templates: how to show Uppercase for last name sand Lowcase for the first names?

Dears, I need to set a bibliography template to show authors’ names as follows: “SMITH, Adam”. It can not be neither “SMITH,A.” nor “Smith, Adam”.

The problem is that EndNote seems to not support Uppercase for the first name together with lowase to the first non-abbreviated names.

Any tips on how to solve that? It would very important to have this features as some reference styles around the World use that model.

Thanks a lot in advance for your attention!

I suppose you could modify* the “Author Name” setting in the output style (see attached image) to “Full Name”. This will enable having the author’s complete name (Smith, Adam).  However, it seems capitalization of the first author’s name may have to be done manually by entering it in the reference template as: SMITH, Adam. 

Manually entering the first author’s name by capitalizing the last name is needed as making any changes to the Author Name (Name Format) will affect all authors listed instead of limiting the effect to the first author only.


*Go to the EndNote toolbar, select EDIT, EDIT OUTPUT STYLE, EDIT [Name of style you’re using.]. In the output style’s dialog box, locate “Bibliography” then click to select AUTHOR NAME.