How to run 32 bit X8 and x9 on MacOS 15 (Catalina) with a little help from Parallels

Here’s a workaround for running both X8 and X9 on Catalina–it’s a bit cumbersome, and you have to have Parallels installed (maybe other VM generators would work–I don’t know).

  1. On your working HD with Mojave, use Parallels to create a new MacOS Mohave 10.14.6 VM, sign in to Apple, etc., and install Parallels Tools in the VM.

  2. Install EndNote X8 or X9 directly in the VM from a DMG file (you can use a trial version, then convert later), and run EN on the VM.

  3. Install Office or just Word or another word processor on the VM, as you would on any HD. If you have Office 365 with up to 6 installations allowed, you can do it through the Microsoft Office site.

  4. Configure (customize) EndNote to work with the Word equivalent program as you normally would.

  5. You can now work with all your documents in Word and EndNote on the VM, and then copy the documents to any place you want. 

  6. Once you have installed Catalina on your working HD, copy the Mojave VM over to your working Catalina drive.

  7. Run Parallels on your new Catalina drive, then run the Mojave VM with EN and your Word program installed.

  8. Warning: Create the Mojave VM under Mojave, before you swith to Catalina. Don’t wait until you install Catalina to create the Mojave VM, because you will probably not be able to create it with Parallels under Catalina.

  9. Screen shot attached from a Catalina beta drive, showing the Mojave VM installed, and running EndNote.

  10. This works for me. YMMV. I can’t provide further tech support on this other than what I’ve written here, because this is all I know about it. :-) 

Good luck.