How to see " type of article" on endnote?

Hi first time user for endnote X,

I would like to sort my references by original article and review articles.

After online searching with PubMed (NLM), I see the “publication type” (PT) on PubMed is sent to “Notes” field.

PT has various sentences such as research support, review, etc, but I would like to have “review” sent to “type of article” field only.

Does anyone know how to do that?

Thanks for your help in advance!!

No, at the level you import from tagged texts, or from online connection. But, yes, you can list references that have “review” in the Notes field in your library, and use “Change/Move field” functions to enter “review” in Type of Article field of all the listed references. Then, “Change text” function to delete “review” in the Note field. Hope that satisfies your needs.

Thank you for your help!!

One more question, though. If I do the “change/move field” it will move all of the contents from the “notes” list and move it to the “type of article field”. Is it possible just to move the word “review” only from the “notes” list to the “type of article field”?

I appreciate any help!

First, use Change field function (from Tools menu in X3), not Move field function, to enter “review” all the Type of Article field. Move field function is intended to move entire contents as you’ve already found.

Before committing to Change field function, make sure you listed references that have “review” in Notes field, and also you selected Type of Article field from the pull down menu. The pull down menu is particularly important, because if you accidentally perform this action for Author field, all the authors will have “review” at the end or beginning, and you can’t undo this action…obviously, it is better to have a backup copy of your library, or be extremely careful.

Secondly, use “Change text” function (from Edit menu in X3) to get rid of “review” in your Notes field. You can leave the box of “Change the text to:” as blank, which will delete the text you enter in “Search for” box.

As a result, you will move the text “review” from Notes field to Type of Article field.

Once again, double check you manipulate the right field, for right references before say “OK”.


worked perfectly!!

thanks for the tip!

Once you have a group of references selected, by doing the search - you don’t actually need to move any words from the notes field, you just need to change (add or replace) the type of article field to include the word review.