Reference Pane Field Ordering in X8

I searched the forums and found this question had been asked of older versions of Endnote, but nothing more recent than 2013.

Is there any way to change the ordering of the field in the reference edit pane?  For example, Journal Article starts with Author, Year, Title, Journal and I would like to move the Keywords field higher up in the list.

I thought I was being clever and could do this by doing the following:

  (1) Export the Reference Type Table into an XML file, 

  (2) Change the value of the Order attribute from order=“370” to order=“60” for the keywords field, and then

  (3) reimport the XML Reference Type Table into Endnote.

I’m posting here because this obviously didn’t work.  :-(

The fact that there is an order attribute gives me hope that this can be done – does anyone know how?

Thanks - Bill

The option to rearrange fields is still not available in EndNote.

From the Help guide:

Customizing Reference Types

Do not try to edit the Reference Types preference to rearrange information within your references. For example, if you delete the “Journal” field and retype “Journal” elsewhere in the column for Journal Articles, you are telling EndNote to close the original “Journal” field and display a new field called “Journal” in another location—this does not move your data from the original “Journal” field to the new one. Any references that had data in the original “Journal” field will still show that information, but the field will have its “Generic” name of “Secondary Title.” The new “Journal” field will remain empty.

You can remove unwanted fields or use the option to Hide Empty fields but a user does not have the ability to change the order.

If you would like to see this feature in a future version of EndNote, You may want to submit a request for a product enhancement on our website.