how to set up a personal style for repeated citations?

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I’m writing my Ph. D. thesis  in German and I ’ ve set up a  custom output style for bibliography and footnotes ( complying with my  professor’s requirements)  The long form of footnote citations looks   like this:

Stolze, Radegundis, Übersetzungstheorien: eine Einführung, Tübingen, Narr,1997,S. 18.( S. means p. in German),which works perfectly.

The problem comes out with repeated citations. I’d  like them to look like:

Stolze, 1997, S. 22.   instead of Stolze,. Any suggestion?

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Fiorenza Zanenga

I can’t suggest any perfect solution. When editing your output style, you could go to the Footnotes>Repeated Citations section and check the option “Use the short form of the reference” (I think you have already done that), and also check “Include the title/short title.”

In your EndNote library, you could add the year of publication to the Short Title field. Now your repeat citations will contain the author and the year (and the cited pages, if you use the Pages box in the Edit Citations function). The problem is that the year will have whatever formatting is normally applied to the Title field, e.g. italics or inverted commas. So this is not a good solution, and will require a lot of editing at the end, after you remove the EndNote field codes.

A comment long after you asked your Q but I’m experiencing the same problem since in law in Sweden we want to use the same model as you are using. My own solution is to add the year manually in the footnote. That has to be done anyway to add the page number. If I try to use the Cited page-option, a “p.” is added and I want an “s.”. Do you get that to work with “S.”?

I also wonder how you manage to get the full reference the first time and then only the author. I get a short form with “Author, Title” or “Author, Short Title” if I add one.

Like this:
Stolze, Radegundis, Übersetzungstheorien: eine Einführung, Tübingen, Narr,1997,S. 18.

Stolze, Übersetzungstheorien: eine Einführung

What I want in repeated ref:

Appreciate if you would like to help me.

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