How to sort and print output styles

i can print styled refereces but not the templates which are not in any obvious order. Howdo I sort and print output styles.

What exactly are you trying to achieve? The Formatting Styles do not contain any bibliographic data; they are auxiliary files used by the main EndNote application for formatting data stored in records in your EndNote library. If you want to print a list of all of the names of these files this might be done by looking into your “Styles” folder on your hard drive.

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team

You can view examples of a journal article, book and book chapter for each of the styles you have available in your styles folders, via the edit, output styles> open style manager… 

This makes it somewhat easier to locate a style close to your requirements.  Also consider the sticky forum topic here where Maasaki has constructed a number of styles based on specific requirements coded into their names.  I copied and pasted the results from the style manager for each.