Output in call number sequence

I sometimes need a printed list of selected references in call number sequence. I can easily create my selection and sort them in any sequence I like, but when I try to export them or insert these references into a Word file they invariably rearrange back into author (date) sequence.

Is there any way to do what I want?

Many thanks for any suggestions.


When you export references, in recent versions, you need to make sure that the style you want to use is selected in the lower right hand dropdown.  So you select a style with the correct sorting parameters, and then file export the showing (or selected in X3 at least, there is a box to tick for “selected”) references. 

Thanks for the prompt response - But sadly I cannot find an output style selector in the bottom righ hand corner. Only the style (eg. APA 5th) in the top menu bar.

I am using EndNote X1. Did that version require the facility you describe?

Many thanks


X1? sadly don’t remember.  It may have been put in in X2.  But in that case, it should be using the Endnote library selected style, which, unless you edited it and saved it back to APA (which wouldn’t really be a good idea, as you might want the original APA at some point) wouldn’t work. 

You need to edit an output style to sort the way you want it sorted, and then select that style in Endnote before exporting the records. 

The dropdown menu at the lower right corner Leanne pointed appears only when you go to “Export” command. It is at the bottom. You don’t see it in the main library window. At least X2 has it. I don’t know about X1, but I believe it had.

Thanks everyone for your advice. Yes, I did find that selection box when using Export from version X1.

But what a roundabout way of doing something so simple!