turning off RM12

Can you turn off RM12 to stop it updating both in text and bibliography citations?

I cannot get some unusual accents into RM12 and so tweak the reference list before submission to a journal. In addition I do not seem to be able to turn off the automatic update, despite having changed the CWYW preferences everywhere I can find them. The other issue is having edited the reference itself, for example to change it out of all caps, it keeps reverting in reference lists.


While it’s possible to make manual changes to your in-text citations and bibliography, you would only want to do so after you’ve formatted the Word document for the last time.  If you make any changes to your references, as you’ve experienced, these changes will be lost when the document is formatted again. 

After the final formatting of your Word document, you would click “Tools>Reference Manager 12>Export Traveling Library”, or if this is Word 2007, “Reference Manager 12>Convert Citations and Bibliography>Convert to Plain Text”.  This command would make a plain text version of your document that you could then manipulate any way you’d like.  Please let me know if this helps.

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