How to turn OFF auto citation formatting???


I have a long paper with many references. The in-paper citations are currently not formatted, e.g., they appear as  {Vaz, 2012 #67} rather than (107).

When I select a citation I’d like to add to the paper from my reference EndNote library and then use Tools>EndNote X4>Insert Selected Citation(s), it takes forever, running thru lots of progress bars, and then finally inserts the correct citation but in its numbered format (107) not  {Vaz, 2012 #67}. I then have to use Tools>EndNote X4>Unformat Citation(s) before getting back to being able to work again.

It would really speed things up if I could select the citations in EndNote that I’d like to add but have them just go into Word as {Vaz, 2012 #67}, saving all the above work and time until I’ve finished the paper and then I can format the bibliography once and for all.

Sorry for being so dumb as I’m sure there is a very easy way to accomplish this, but I can’t figure it out. Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated. Thank you!


  • Word for Mac 2011 14.2.2
  • Mac OS 10.7.4
  • EndNote X4.0.2

Well in X5 for the PC one goes to the EndNote ribbon in Word, click the expand thingy at the bottom right of the Bibliography area, click the Instant Formatting tab and finally click the “Turn Off” button.

I hope it’s something similar for your set up!

Addendum: just noticed there’re better instructions in this reply to another question –



Thanks much for good advice. However, I unchecked the “Enable instant formatting on new word documents” box, but it still does the whole 90 second shebang, instead of just inserting the expanded citation. Any other ideas would be appreciated.

To turn off Cite While You Write (CWYW) in Word 2011:

In Word 2011 > Tools > EndNote X4 > Format Bibliography …

From the Format Bibliography window select the Instant Formatting tab. Turn Off > OK.

This should stop the instant formatting of the references.

Note: with very large documents I suggest that you divide into smaller parts / chapters, and then paste into a single document near the end. This way any problems can be isolated to a small section rather than a single massive Word document, which can be more prone to errors.

Worked like a charm; thank you!!!