Help! Endnote doing instant formatting even though it's turned off...


I’m running Endnote X5/Office 2010/Windows XP and am nearing completion on my doctoral thesis. The thesis at this point is 250+ pages, and so I had turned off instant formatting so that it wouldn’t take 10 minutes to add/edit a citation in my work. However, for some reason a few weeks ago my document began updating the citations every time I added one, which, as I alluded to above, takes a while. I have checked the instant formatting on the EndNote tab and it is still turned off. I have disabled the option which gets new documents to automatically instant format new citations as well. Does anyone have any solutions/ideas why this may have happened? It’s driving me nuts!



Instead of turning CWYW off in EndNote, did you try turning it off in Word?  In the MS Word ribbon locate the EndNote tab then in the section labeled “Bibliography” click the tiny arrow in the lower right hand corner. This will display the “Format Bibliography” dialog box where you click the “Instant Formatting” tab then click the “Turn Off” button. Click OK to save the setting and exit the dialog box.

Tried that as well - i’m totally baffled!

Just a couple of thoughts:

  1. In the EndNote tab section on the MS Word ribbon, did you first try using the “Convert to Unformatted Citations” to unformat the citations then proceeded to turn off the CWYW? (If you decide to test this, suggest doing so on a backup copy of your dissertation.)

  2. There was apatch issued for X5so are you running X5 with or without the patch? You can download the patch by clicking on the link or clicking on the “EndNote Program Updates” in the “Help” section of the EndNote toolbar.