Turn off automatic citation finder feature

I’m using Endnote X4 on a mac, and Microsoft Word 2011.  Every time I insert a citation into a word document endnote automatically scans for unformatted citations.  It flags ANYTHING in parentheses and says, "No matching references found for (whatever is in parentheses).

It does this EVERY time I insert a citation into a document.  Is there any way to turn this feature off?  

Thanks for your help!


It sounds as if your temporary citation delimiters have inadvertently been set to a regular parenthesis rather than the curly brackets.  See this thread. (updated link to a better - but very similar answer).

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Thank you!!!

I had the same probllem with my PhD thesis and it makes make so confused and sad…So I come up with the idea to delete endnote and reinstalled again

What I did in Windows 7 I deleted EndnoteX7 and delete every things related to Endnote from the registery and reinslatted again…BUT you have to make a backup copy of your references in Endnote and backup your work

every thing went back to normal