How to update reference section wise ?

Hello all,

I am using Endnote X5 for my dissertation with 6 chapters, each chapter is separated by section break.  Each chapter has their own reference, numbered from 1 to xx, and  from a common reference library file. 

However, in word2007 when I click “update citations and bibliography”, the references on each chapter are changed greatly but no longer comply with the references cited in each chapter.    – looks like the reference for the whole dissertation !

Can anyone suggest me how to update the references section wise ?   Thanks a lot !

In order to get the formatting you need, you need to select the appropriate style settings for your chapter bibliography. Please see the following article for more information:

In the Style, you can choose to “Create a bibliography for each section in the document” or “Create a bibliography for each section and also a complete bibliography at the end of the document.”

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