Adding references to each section


I am writing a report which needs references to be added to each section. I am having endnote X5. If i add any intext citation, end note adds all the original references  at the very end of the document instead of each section. Could any body let me know how i could add citations to individual sections with its own set of references at the end of each section ?


Please see the following article for information on how to create chapter bibliographies with EndNote X5:

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Hi Jason,

Thanks for the reply. That link didnt work for me. I tried whatever it said on that link. I had each chapter in sections with each chapter need to be on a different journal citation format. First of all, the  style on the endnote ribbon in the word shows one particular citation format, in my case Journal of Animal science, which is relevant to the first chapter. When i move to the next chapter, which is supposed to follow the nutrition and metabolism journal style, in the endnote ribbon, it still shows Journal of animal science. If i try to add a reference to the second chapter or first chapter, it adds them in {  } and when i try to change the style to nutrition and metabolism journal for the second chapter alone, it just changes all the whole document to this style and dumps all the references as a single bibliography at the end of the document. Could you help me with this issue please?


You are correct, you cannot have each section formated with a different style. 

To achieve this you will have to create the individual chapters, and unlink the endnote refs prior to combining, using the convert to plain text Endnote tool (and saving them to a NEW NAME). 

You COULD try combining the formated documents using Master Documents, but that may update the chapter references anyway, when you update other fields.