how to merge bibliographies after the documents have been assembled

I am writing a dissertation and have compiled the seven chapters according to the university requirements.  My seven bibliographies stick at the end of the original sections.  Any ideas as to how to reconfigure the seven bibliographies as one?  Thanks, CF

What version of endnote what style are you using.  As the option to have a separate bibliography per section was new innovation in X3, I assume you are using a style (like Chicago 15thB (sections))?  You can change this by editing the style, (see attached gif) and change that setting. 

If that isn’t it,  reformating the paper.   If you pasted in each section and didn’t add any new refs or reformat - they just need some encouragement to join.  If reformating isn’t enough, then you may need to unformat and reformat (making sure you have the Endnote library available).