How to use a source with both an author and editors??


I have a bit of an unusual question. Endnote doesn’t seem to allow for a book that both has an author, but is also edited (two editors). Do you have any suggestions for me? I know this is unusual, but the author is not alive anymore, and there are two editors who have written an introduction and edited the collection. They all have to be included in the citation, and I can’t figure out how to do this in Endnote. Please help!


You need to decide how that would be quoted in the bibliography.  You might just try the chapter section, and see if leaving the title field empty, works for your style?

It should be an edited book with the addition of an author, or the other way around: a book with the addition of edited authors. I can’t see how to do it within the confines of the already set types of references. Any more ideas?

The Book Ref Type has a Series Editor field. However many output styles don’t include this field in the book template.  So I suspect what you will need to do is edit the book template for your output style(s) to include the field, but ensure it, and punctuation specific to its inclusion is isolated by the “|” forced separation character and that any spaces are replaced by the “link adjacent” character, so they don’t appear in the other book bibliography entires. Both of these are insertable from the insert field dropdown in the bibliography template window (although the “|” can be inserted directly from the keyboard and is copy and pastable).   In the below bibliography Book template example, all the widely spaced “spaces” are link adjacent (but can’t be copied and pasted as such back into the templace unfortunately).

For example:

Author (Year)|. Title|. Series Editor, ed.^eds.|, Vol Volume|, Edition edn| (|Place Published|, Publisher|)|, pp. Number of Pages|.

It would help if you give an example of exactly how you expect the output to appear, and attached the style you are using.  Then we could recommend the exact changes to make, to achieve the output you are expecting ( or make it for you!)

Thanks for your help so far. I think using the Series Editor field is getting there, but I’m includig more information so that it’s a bit clearer.

Here is the source I’m trying to reference:

Lefebvre, H. (2009). “Theoretical Problems of Autogestion.” In H. Lefebvre, (N. Brenner & S. Elden (Eds.)), State, Space, World. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, pp. 138-152.

And here is the style I’m following:


Avritzer, L. (2002). Democracy and the Public Sphere in Latin America. Princeton: Princeton University Press.

Book Section (in edited book):

Cooke, B., & Kothari, U. (2001). “The Case for Participation as Tyranny.” In B. Cooke & U. Kothari (Eds.), Participation: The New Tyranny? London: Zed Books, pp. 1-15.

By style, I mean the name of the Endnote output style file you are using to format in your manuscript.  Can you attach that file if you have adapted it in anyway or downloaded it from the endnote website (and then it is likely to be in your My Documents/Endnote/Styles folder).  If you are using one that was installed with endnote, just tell me the name of that output style.

So I looked up the book and it looks even more complicated if you wanted the translators as well!

But if you need the Lefebvre in front of the editors to correctly reflect his role in the whole of the book and not just the essay in question, you might want to try to use the other author fields that are available in the book section.  One is called “Translated Author”  and you might want to add the “Translating Authors” as well!  I know it isn’t only that Lefevre was the translated author for the essay in question but for the whole of the book, which was then edited again by Brenner and Elden, but it would work?  if you need the translating authors as well, they would go after the book title, I am assuming? 

For example:

Author (Year)|. “Title.”| In Translated Author|,  (Series Editor, (ed.^eds.))|    Book Title.| Vol Volume|, Edition edn| (|Place Published|, Publisher|)|, pp. Number of Pages|.

State, Space, World

Selected Essays

Henri Lefebvre
Edited by Neil Brenner and Stuart Elden
Translated by Gerald Moore, Neil Brenner, and Stuart Elden