Novice question: how to show editor of a book by an author

Forgive me if this is already answered elsewhere, but I can’t find it.

I want to add an Editor field to a book with an author, to show that it’s a particular edition - eg Charles Dickens, Suffering in Winter: Selections from ‘Bleak House’; edited by John Smith (London: A Publisher, 1986).

Is there a simple or obvious way to do this within the Reference Type ‘Book’? ‘Edited Book’ isn’t any good because it doesn’t have an author field.

Thanks in advance for your help.


Max, place the editor’s name in the Series Editor field and that should work.

but then you also need to edit the style to include that information.  APA 5th doesn’t use it in the template for book, for example? 

So this needs to be inserted at the right place of the Book template:

| edited by Series Editor |

and I always make all the spaces “link adjacent” and with the | surronding the introduced text, so it doesn’t show if the field is empty. 

This is a problem that normally only arises in the humanities. The two standard humanities styles (MLA and Chicago 15th A) are both formatted to accommodate the workaround of putting the editor of the text into the Series Editor field.

The only EndNote reference type that really deals with this effectively is the “Ancient Text” reference type. It has fields for both Author and Editor. Unfortunately neither the MLA nor the Chicago 15th A output style is set up to format the Ancient Text reference type, so it’s easier just to use the Series Editor workaround.