How to use onenote to read latest researches and articles if I am not writing anything


I am Mohamed GadAllah from Egypt at Cairo.

I’ve got a license to use EndNote but do not know what to do with it.

Currently I am not doing any researches or articles.

I’ve read on some websites that I can use EndNote to read latest researches or articles on any topics I might be interested in.

So please if this is right, how may I do so?

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:


Onenote (your subject heading) and Endnote (the message content) are completely different software packages. You might also be confusing Endnote with Evernote, which is more like Onenote.  Both those programs are Note Taking Apps.  This is one link to a comparison of the two: 

EndNote on the otherhand, is reference management software package and can help retrieve published papers and keep them in a database to use to cite them in manscripts that you would write.  It does have a notes field so you can download PDFs of those papers, if you have a subscription or they are public access and keep them organized, and you can type in notes in the record. 

I am really sorry for such mistake an thanks a lot for your reply.

I mean EndNote.

I mean I’ve been told that I can read articles and papers on different topics and subjects using EndNote.

For example, what I was wondering about is that I am currently very interested to read about cloud computing topic, so if I am not currently doing any researches or papers but want to read what other people wrote on that topic what should I do?

Does EndNote can help with such a thing?

I did watched a lot of videos on YouTube but all of them talking about using EndNote to orgamize resources that has been used by you on your papers or researches but nothing mentioned regarding the point I am asking about it.

I hope that I was able to explain what I want to acheve.


You can search databases from EndNote if they are free or if you have a subscription to the database and download related articles, but EndNote just really helps you keep them organized.  It isn’t any better than anyother  method of retrieving papers related to a topic that interests you.  

you can use endnote to read latest researches and articles . 

OneNote works fine, which has been my major note taking app for years.  I’m using OneNote with a XP-Pen Star G640 drawing tablet . Because I prefer handwritten notes to typing.