How/where can I edit the WORD style for my "Endnote Bibliography"?

Hello –

Does anyone know how I can edit the details of the “Endnote Bibliography” style in Word (beyond the settings of “Configure Bibliography” panel from the menu in Word?

Specifically, I need to format the line height and spacing after to a different value than 1, 1.5, 2 lines, and I need to format the text with details (letter spacing).

Whenever I format the “Endnote Bibliography” style in Word, the style gets overwritten again next time I refresh the bibliography.

Thanks for any hints on this!

[edited to specify issue]

Bump? No one?

Much to my surprise, you are correct.  

Somewhere between 7.0 and 7.2 they changed this behaviour of the Endnote Bibliography style in Word, because you are correct, now when I add a new citation or update the citations, it overwrites the changes I make to the Endnote Bibliography style in Word.  

Developers:  Why did you remove this very handy behavior?  

Your only recourse is to wait until you are ready to submit - edit the word style and save and submit, or strip the field information before submitting (which some journals require anyway).  I haven’t checked the behaviour with 7.1 so not sure if going back a version (prior to sharing libraries) will help.  

It’s actually always been like this with my 7 versions (Mac).

I don’t care what it looks like as long as the paper is work in progress, that’s not the issue. The thing is, I wouldn’t bother that much if it’s not exactly the last iterations when it gets annoying to constantly re-format. I mean it’s not like the version you think is final actually is final, so you end up needing to reformat every little edit that you make.

My references are 30+ pages (long thesis), so it’s not just two clicks or something.