Howto install Endnote x2 on a server and make a client to connect to it ?

Hi there,

we want to install Endnote X2 on a server (windows) so that several clients can get access to the database. After 2 hours of trial and error i need your help. 

Is there a step by step tutorial for dummys (yes, just to make sure) how to get clients to connect to Endnote on a Server ? 

For Example what has to be written into the connectionfile for the database part. The Manual suggest a 4 letter code but where do i get that?

Thanks for your help.

You cannot install EndNote X2 on a server and then have workstation machines run EndNote from the server.  You need to install EndNote on each on the workstations.

If you share a library on the network you must set the sharing permissions to Read-Only for all users.  If the library is going to be accessed by multiple users at the same time it has to be Read-Only.