Hyphenated First Name?

Hello Endnote Users,

I am citing several papers from China. One author is named “I-Chung Lu”. Endntote is abbreviating this as “I.-C. Lu” in my style format. Is this the correct way to abbreviate his/her name? Does anyone have any experience with this?



Not sure if this will help anyone but a Chinese coworker has suggested that this name be abbreviated as “I. C. Lu”.


Since most styles only require initials, I suggest that you enter it as initials the way your colleague wants it to appear.  

Thanks for the comment. I see your point but it was unclear to me what the initals are for a name like this. Should I use:

1.) “I. Lu”

2.) “I. C. Lu”


3.) “I.-C. Lu”

Glad to hear that you think that 2 seems most appropriate.



the best way to enter manually any authors are (one per line) is 

Lu, I. C. 

complete with comma, periods, and spaces.  

always Surname first then the first name and any middle name (and as I said, I prefer initials and most databases bring down initials.  I haven’t ever really worried about the hyphenated vs stand alone initials.