I am getting different fonts for different reference types ("Generic" vs. e.g. "Conference Proceedings") - Help please!


I have succeeded to build a new output style in RefMan 11 but am having troubles now after a few more changes.

Everything was fine until I tried to implement different definitions for the different reference types. I copied the “Generic” definition to the “Conference proceedings” and modified it slightly.

The problem now is:
When I generate the bibliography in Word2002, the entries for conference proceedings are in a different font (Arial instead of Times).

The font selection dialog in the bibliography builder in RM has Arial as the only option in the drop down field (that is for the “Conference Proceedings”-definition). The only font available for the “Generic”-definition is Courier.

The font in the “Generate bibliography” dialog in Word is set to “Times New Roman”.

Very confusing!

Any Ideas on how to fix this?