Fonts problem in output styles


I’m using Endnote X3 and got problem with fonts when editting output styles. I need to change some abbreviations used in style, for example english word trans. for polish tłum or vol. to tom. When I do this, in my Word 2007 bibliography this words have different formatting than others, in output styles editor they are still in plain font and plain size format. For example: I use Times New Roman, 12 as my paragraph format, bibliography is formatted like my paragraph, except words changed in output styles editor, which come in Arial CE.

Can you help me? 

Try looking as this postingto see you can identify where the font settings might be being pulled? 

added in edit.  Also attach your style here to see if another user can spot something in it, or test it. 

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I’ve read this post, but didn’t find solution to my problem.

I attached modified output style file.

MLA - Martin.ens (63.5 KB)

Hmmm,   They look like Times Roman in my documents, but are designated Arial CE – and paste here as Arial! (the vol number too).   

==for a totally made up ref, where I converted a book to booksection and filled in vol, translator and editor at random:

4. National Academy of Sciences (U.S.), and Institute of Medicine (U.S.). Science, Evolution, and Creationism. [w] The Whole Book, tom 500, tłum. diGeorge, George Ed. Thomas, Tom. Washington, D.C.: The National Academies Press, 2008. 89. Print.



So I looked up Arial CE and found this in wikipedia which leads me to believe that Windows is making the substitution? 

"Code page variants

Arial Baltic, Arial CE, Arial Cyr, Arial Greek, Arial Tur are aliases created in the FontSubstitutes section of WIN.INI by Windows. These entries all point to the master font. When an alias font is specified, the font’s character map contains different character set from the master font and the other alias fonts.

In addition, Monotype also sells Arial in reduced character sets, such as Arial CE, Arial WGL, Arial Cyrillic, Arial Greek, Arial Hebrew, Arial Thai."


Thank you, I correct fonts in bibliography manually. I dont’ want to mess up in windows registry.