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I have a document that is a mixture of science journals, patent, and laws.  When I insert a citation that is a journal or patent, I get a generic text when I generate the bibliography.  However, when I use the “bill/resolution” category I get the reference followed by an extra line that says “Ref Type: Bill/Resolution”.

The style sheet for MLA does not have anything special for this category so I am at a loss to understand why it appears some of the time and not for other types.  In any event, I want it gone so how do I do that?

The Reference Type information is showing within your bibliography because it has been defined within your Reference Manager output style.  To edit this aspect of the output style-

1.  Open Reference Manager.

2.  Click “Tools>Bibliography>Open Output Style…”.

3.  Find the desired style from this list and double click on the name.

4.  On the Edit Style window, click on the “Bibliography” tab.

5.  On the right hand side of this window, within the Generic definition, you should find the following line: “Ref·Type:·<[01]·Ref·Type>|¬”.  Delete this entire line within the definition.

6.  Close the Edit Style window and be sure to save your changes.  

7.  Generate the bibliography within your document again to make sure the desired change shows up within your formatted references.

Please let me know if this helps.

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