I am ready to start moving everything around to the correct chapters and combining citations X5

Hi, I am brand new to the forum.

I am working on my dissertation with X5. Everything is going well so far. I have reached an impasse. Maybe my initial layout logic is faulty. Maybe my brain is mush.

My problem - I have the material for all three chapters in a serial fashion in one word document. This was the easiest way to keep track of everything at the time. In others words I have a few paragraphs - up to five pages of either paraphrased material or quoted material one reference a time with the cite at the end section. I then go on the next reference and so on.

I am ready to start moving everything around to the correct chapters and combining citations to complete the draft of the first three chapters.

I have two (I hope) simple questions.

First, how do I cut and paste a sentence from one citation and move it to a completely different part of the word document outside of the current reference but still keep X5 aware of the cite? For instance I might quote different parts the same reference in both chapters one and two.

Second, how after moving (copy and pasting) material from multiple locations to combine into a sentence or a few sentences from multiple citations in other locations into a new set of sentences or paragraph to meet APA 6th format? For instance can I combine (copy and paste) two references and have X5 end up with a result similar to (author, 1994; author & author, 2000)

Thanks in advance for your time.

To be sure you don’t get a part of a citation which has a huge field underlying it, you might want to do your cutting and pasting on a document with CWYW off and the fields in their temporary citation form {Author, YEAR #rec.no}.  Then format it later to APA.  If you have two citations next to each other with no intervening space, they will be automatically combined.  Also if they are unformatted when you eventually combine your three chapters, the bibliography will magically appear at the end (assuming that is what you want)  quoting all the refs in your thesis. 

You can also move formatted citation around, and copy and paste additional copies, and endnote will recognized them as such.  Just make sure you take the entire citation (or group of citations).  Do not try to take part of a combined group of formatted citation or you will corrupt them.  Hence it is safer to work with them in the unformatted form.

Does that address your concerns? 

Thank you for such a quick reply. I know my way around X5 well enough to understand what you suggesting. It is a great starting point. I will let you know how it goes.