Move EndNote X5 Reference List between Chapters in Word 2010



Actually i write my Diploma Thesis and i yuse EndNote X5 with Word 2010.

My problem is:

I have a lot of Chapters in my Thesis, so EndNote is creating Reference Lists at the end of every chapter. This is very stupid i think, because there is no way to move the reference lists to a special place in the document: When i move it by cut and paste, the sorting will be destroyed and the formatting as EndNote-field is destroyed.

In that case EndNote is unuseable for me.

Please can You help me? Is there a way to create the Reference list in a place i prefer?

Thanks for support


Are the chapters in one document, or individual documents? 

What style are you using?

Endnote X5 has the ability to put references at the end of each section, or at the end of the document (which can then be moved to where ever you like, once it is generated, i.e., before appendices - and it will “stick” in the position during subsequent updating). 

To change the behavior for the style you are using:

In Endnote, Edit> Output styles>Edit “style-you-are-using” then as in the image attached, go to the Sections setting and change from Create a bibliography for each section to the one above.  File, save AS to a new name, and then change to the newly named style in the manuscript. 

If you are working on separate documents, before combining, unformat the chapters, and then combine them and reformat after joining them. 


I use different chapters in one document. Your solution works perfect…

Thank you very much!