I cann't make compressed libraries, please help me.

 the help says "From the File menu, select Compressed Library (.enlx) to display a Compressed Library dialog.

Use the radio buttons ",   but  there is no Compressed Library menu on the File menu of my Endnote X3,  does any body know

where the problem is?

 Thank you.

Message Edited by helloworld on 07-03-2009 06:39 PM

Compressed library function is a recent feature. Version 3 definitely doesn’t have it.

sorry, I made a mistake, the version I am using is endnote X3, do you know what’s wrong.

Are you using Windows Vista?

I found my EN X3 installed in Vista 64 bit doesn’t show compressed library command, but EN X3 installed in Win XP Pro shows the command no problem. If you are using Vista, this may be a bug we need to tell Thomson.

I am using Win Xp pro, I installed X3 without uninstalling X2, perhaps I should first uninstall X2 before installing X3. But there are other people, who is useing Endnote X3 for the first time, have the same problem.

myoshigi…is the compressed library command totally missing from the File menu or is it “greyed out”? If it is just “greyed out” where are your libraries being kept (i.e., are they on a flash drive, My Documents, etc.)?

It is greyed out when no library is open. But, when my library is open (it is in My Document - Document in Vista 64), the menu is completely missing.

Myoshigi, helloworld and others who may have this problem,

Please download and apply the X3.0.1 patch then try this feature. The problem should be fixed. Post your results to this thread so we can follow up if needed; include the version of your operating system in your comments.



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Hello Sharon,

I updated to X3.0.1 and used just 10 minutes. The problem (compressed library menu disappeared) is now fixed, and I made a compressed library file without any problem.

My OS is Windows Vista Ultimate 64 bit, SP1