Please help! endnote can't open compressed library


Two days ago i saved my library. As normally, it was a compressed library. But today I tried to open it and endnote said “Endnote cannot open this file”. Does anyone know if this can be fixed because it is very important I get this file back.


Are you using the version of EndNote to save/open the compressed library file?  What is the file extension for the compressed library?  If the filename is .enlx you’ll need to use EndNote X or later to open the compressed file.

Hy, i’m using endnote version x3 and I could open the .enlx file before. But two days ago I added a pdf file and saved it again. But when I tried to open it again it said “endnote cannot open this file”. I really need help since this is for an important essay. Thx

Just a few thoughts:

  1. Can you use your anti-virus program to scan the compressed library file?

2.The compressed file might be corrupted.  If you’re running Windows, can you restore the drive to pre-date your library compression?  (This assumes, however, that you previously configured your computer for automatically creating a restore point to do so.) 

3.Contact Tech Support - info is provided in the link below: