I created a blank citation style, for word counts, but in-text citations are still shown. Mac OS X 10.10.4, Pages, Endnote X7.3

Hi All,

I want to get a word count that doesn’t include citations. I’ve downloaded a blank citation format for this purpose. However, when I select the citation style in Pages, in-text citations do not dissapear. Instead their format changes from, for instance, “(Nosofsky, 1986)” to “(Nosofsky, Robert M. 1986)”. How do I remedy this? I’m writing a small thesis. My word count is a limited resource that I want to make the most of. 

I’m running OSx 10.10.4 with 

  • Pages (most recent update)
  • Endnote x7.3 (most recent update)

I’ve attached the citation style. Downloading other ‘blank’ citation styles from the forums yields the same result. 

Author-Date-no citation.ens (11.7 KB)