Issue with word count in Microsoft Word

Hi everyone

I am writing a literature review just now and having a couple of End Note issues.

If I highlight a section of my essay for example the introduction inluding my Endnote citations its telling me I have 150 words however I only have 98 its as if the words in the actual references at the end are being included.

How do I fix this?

Also is there a way to create a seperate Bibliography in addition to my reference list for the sources I consulted but have not cited in the essay?

Thanks in advance for any help

Refer to this thread about the word count.

You can create a separate bibliography by: 1) entering  a “code” (e.,g., “1”) in a custom field for each primary reference; 2) modify the output style’s sort order to sort by the custom field followed by Author+Date. The result will separate the primary references from the secondary ones (listing the primary group first).

Im new to End note but what I mean is I dont want to cite things so I just want a page thats not cited references to get them to appear at the end dont I need to cite them?

The Copy-Paste method described is what I use if I want a standalone bibliography.



What output style are you using?  In-text citations are generated by the Citation template in the EndNote output style. If you delete the template you’ll be able to generate just the bibliography by: 1) placing your cursor at the end of your document; 2) selecting the relevant references from your EndNote library (the ones to appear in the bibliography); and 3) select “Insert Citations” (note that deleting  the Citation template will generate just the bibliography).

Word count - sounds more like it is counting the text in the field. which version of word?  

You can also insert (citations for) the rest of the refs you wnat in the bibliography, and hide the citations, by hiding the text (select ad edit font to hidden). 

HI everyone 

I am using word 2010, it is strange that the word count works fine in a unformatted document when I convert but something in the end note citations or codes or something is messing it up 

And thanks for the copy and past idea I think for my separate Bibliography I should move all the unused references in to a group set then select all copy and paste if I have understood which really helps me so thanks 

Really appreciate the help so far :slight_smile: