Identiifying how deep you are in a list of references (by number.

At the bottom of the EndNote page, there is a line that says something like: “Showing XXX of XXX references in Group.  (All References XXXXX)”.  The first two numbers are always the same, and therefore contribute little.  I suggest that the first number show the position of the highlight in a list of references.  That would be very useful.  For example, If I sort my library by the file attachment (paper clip icon) column, I could know how many references for which I have no pdf.  Or I could sort on authors and figure out how many senior author papers versus co-authored papers that an individual has. I could use the number to return to a given publication in the library (as opposed to having to do a search for it by author, or something.  Wn you have 44,000 citations in one library, it is handy to have a quick way to reach down into the list (use the slider to move deeper into the list and highlight a reference to get its “number”).