"If" logic in Endnote - how does it work?

I’m submitting a paper to a journal that requires the use of p and pp as part of the bibiography.  

So if I am referencing a single-page item (such as a newspaper article) the whole article has only one page and the reference should therefore contain a single p. like this:  p. 23

If the reference is a journal article then it will be multiple pages and the page numbers should look like this:  pp. 223-35.

Similarly some journals have multiple issues within one volume.  The journal I’m submitting to requires this:

Vol 12 No. 6 

Vol 12 Nos. 6/7

How do I get EndNote to correctly output these different labels for pages and volumes depending on the data I’ve entered?


PS  I have seen in some of the bibliography listings there is a p.^pp. thing in front of the page number field.  I have tried to use that but must be doing it wrong because my actual bibliography reference ends up with “p.^pp” included in the reference.  I’ve also tried copying this section of a reference from within the editing screen but I still get the “p.^pp.” in the reference.  

So I gather my solution has something to do with p.^pp. but I don’t know how to make it work.  Also I don’t know how to deal with No. vs Nos. for issue numbers.

Thanks for any advice.

In the output style, it should have p.^pp. with a “link adjacent” character linking it to the Pages field.  The * in the below replaces the Link adjacent symbol and the | surrounding it all ensures that the punctuation and characters do not appear if the Pages field is empty.    

|, p.^pp.*Pages|. 

I am not sure an equivalent will work for the volume situation though.  I haven’t run across a style that requires that.  

you can try No.^Nos. and see?  

Our posts crossed in the ether.  Can you attach your output style to a reply, so we can inspect it?  

Thanks, that helped and I have the pages working.  I might have to do the No. Nos. manually I think.


It might work if it were volumes 6-7 but possibly not 6/7.  Don’t know til you try!