Singular Plural doesn't produce expected results for page numbers

I am using EndNote X2 (Build 3210) running on a Windows XP computer with Service Pack 3 loaded.

I am modifying the Harvard bibliographic style to accommodate the requirements of my university.  I have defined the following for bibliography book template:

Author (Year), Title, Edition edn|., Publisher|, City|, p.^pp. Pages.

This produces the following output in the bibliography:

Pierce, J (2009), Unit 403 Managing Information Systems, Revised edn., Chifley Business School, Melbourne, p.^pp.  20-30.

How can I get it to show just “p.”, or “pp.”, rather than “p.^pp.”?

I recommend you attach the actual style.  It makes it much easier to trouble shoot. 

The style is attached below.

Harvard-DAR.ens (14.5 KB)

The problem seems to be caused by using the “Pages” field.  If you look at the Book Reference type (attached Image1.gif), “Number of Pages” is the field that should be used instead of “Pages”.  If you prefer, you could rename “Number of Pages” to “Pages”, then erase the original “Pages” as shown in the illustration to make it easier for users to follow.

Once you’ve changed the Book Reference Type, you’ll need to adjust the output style. Image2.gif shows the modification to the output style and how the “pp.” or “p.” appears in the corresponding reference depending if the pagination refers to a range or a single page. 

You want to make a similar change to your book sections reference type.  Right now it says “chapter” and is using the generic “section” field and it won’t work either.  Only the generic “pages” field and “cited pages” fields work with the caret p option. 

Thanks to both of you for the screenshots and process, and replying so promptly.  By following your instructions I now have the bibliography reporting the page numbers correctly, and have also modified the Book Section reference type.  I was not aware there was this additional level of definitional flexibility in EndNote, but anticipate it could prove useful for other bibliography issues.  I was also unaware that the caret character only works with a few field types - this isn’t particular clear in the help section on special formatting characters.