Import in Endnote from external list, a "type of Journal" label

Seeking some help from advanced Endnote users : We are constructing the lab bibliography (some 5000 refs), and want to classify Journal Articles by the “type” of Journal (We use three types A,B,C for evaluation purposes). How can we introduce this label ( type of journal ) into the Endnote library? In fact, we have a two-column Excel (or txt) list of all journal names with the Type (A, B or C) in the next column. In a relational database it would be easy to put in relation this Journals table with the References table. How can we do this in Endnote? A solution would be to export in a relational database manager (like FileMaker), make the changes and reexport. It involves many annoying difficulties and we want to avoid this. Any idea?

How many journal titles are we talking about?  Are two of the lists shorter than the third? Are the journal titles all consistent? I am trying to imagine a “smart groups” option: journal 1 or journal 2 or journal 3, etc in Group A and journal 4 or journal 5 or journal 6 into Group B, copy from smart group into a normal group, and the rest are type C in  unfiled and copy them to Group C.    Not sure what the maximum number of "or"s the search in smart groups can accomodate.  

I am wondering if the tech support people have any tools at their disposal that might help with a macro to edit groups based on your association.  

You can sort your library by journal, and move them manually to the groups.  Once in Groups you can edit them globally to include the “type” in a field.  

– and will this be an ongoing problem with new entries, or can you ensure the label is applied going forward?  

Oh, and I think Mac users have more macro capabilities at their disposal or you might want to look in the EndNote API forum to catch the attention of power users?  


its about 300 journals. Names are consistent.

We have a list of journals like that:

revue code

Academy of Management Journal      A

Academy of Management Learning & Education     B

Actes de la recherche en sciences sociales    A

Actes du BRGM    C

And we want to do it once and afterwards follo-up, that will be easy by hand.

Okay, we’ll do it by hand…

Thanks for the ideas.

Thnak you for the idea on the API forum… I’ll try that.