Reference info: can I find what groups my reference is in?

I don’t think the EN database works that way, but just in case…

Is there a way to select a reference and see in which groups it has been placed?



Refer to this thread

Wow, thank you so much (I really couldn’t think of how to search for this problem), you’ve thought of everything! That link also answered my followup question about updating new records - I feel like a power user now!

Fyi, my database is 300+ journal articles to be added to our laboratory web site. Long story short, we’ve been using Reference Manager over the years (just because that’s what I inherited). Have never been happy with it, only positive is the brain excercise to remember what function was in what menu’s window’s menu’s window if you know what I mean. A colleague got me to try EndNote and I have the same giddy feeling that I had when I went from dialup to DSL :smileyvery-happy:  For the most part it has been an intuitive breeze since I already had the basics down from RF. Finally, import from PubMed only a couple of clicks, drag and drop (?) who would have thought??? I don’t know why they still sell RF, but that’s for another thread. I couldn’t be happier.

Thanks for the quick reply and perfect solution for my problem,

I’ll add one last thing. When importing a reference (I did a sample drag/drop into Unfiled from another database). Next, label your Group ID field accordingly and save the reference. Right-click the reference and select Add Reference to -> My Groups and the reference will be filed in the appropriate Smart Group. Woot!