Import .myd .myi .frm?

A colleague sent me some references which he exported from his EndNote software. However, I cannot get my version (X3) of EndNote to import them. I use the import feature and select the EndNote filter, but none of the files show up in my database. The file names end in .myd, .myi, and .frm. Any help on this would be appreciated!

Those aren’t Endnote export formats, they sound like MySQL database extensions? 

 Is there an import filter for MySQL into EndNote?

hmmm, I notice that there are several files in the rdb folder of an endnote library with those extensions too, so perhaps endnote using some MySQL underpinnings.  But you really want your colleague to provide you with a compressed endnote library of the items you want to import into your library.  In X3, this is pretty easy, as you can File>compress and export only the records (with or without attachments) you need.  He would  just need to select those records prior to the compression step.  

What has probably happened is that the other user tried to attach the .Data folder for their library to an email.  Most email software will not allow this, but some will take the files in the folders and attach just the files. 

I would recommend contacting the other user and request that they use the Compressed Library (.enlx) format to send the library.

Yes, the files are in a folder called “rdb”. I looked again at the folder and there is one other file type, called “db.opt” Is this useful?

He burned the files onto a CD. I might ask him to send me another CD with the .enlx file instead… Thanks for the help.

nope, they are all parts, but don’t think any of it is enough to recover the records into Endnote.