Issues importing into Endnote 20

Just the last week I’ve started having some problems importing references into Endnote 20. When opening a file of the extensions .nbib and .ris, it prompts me for an import filter which it never has done before. Regardless of what import filter I choose nothing gets imported. I’ve tried multiple different references with the same result. Also have the same problem on both my PC and laptop. Weirdly enough, I don’t seem to have the same problem with the extension .enw. However, I usually cannot decide the format of the file, which is annoying.
Any help is appreciated!


In case anyone with a similar problem stumbles upon this thread. I’ve managed to work around this problem by using Google Scholar when importing my articles, since it is always possible to export in .enw and that is the only extension which my Endnote at the time is accepting.

This is usually caused by the browser not knowing what to do, and I often solved it by using a different browser…

Did you try the steps in this ? Import RIS File - EndNote - LibGuides at University of Texas at San Antonio

The issue is importing references from files to Endnote 20 and thus a browser is not involved at all. I have double-checked that the files do indeed have information (with a code editor) of the references that I want to include.

The support that I contacted gave me the same tips as the one you linked, but it still doesn’t work.

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I actually managed to pinpoint the cause to my issue, which is an incredibly small detail causing all of this. The cause was my Reference Type Table, and more specifically the changes I made to the Reference Type “Journal Article” (which is what I mostly reference, and the only thing I have tried).

What I have deduced through experimentation is that for some reason the issue is caused by changing the name of the Field “Notes” in the Reference Type “Journal Article” to something with 1 character (I had it called “.”). Changing other Fields didn’t cause the issue to reappear, nor did changing the Field “Notes” to something with more than 1 character. Very odd bug.

Hopefully this helps someone else with the same problem, or gets the bug fixed.